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What to Wear

One of the most FAQ’s I am asked. Here are a few tips. Check my blog every few months for outfit ideas.

Show your personality! You are more than just khaki pants and a white dress shirt –show it! If red is your favorite color, wear red. Simple patterns and bold colors look great on in person AND in photos. Choosing a bold color that is similar to your eye color is an awesome choice too.

Avoid logos, bold patterns and character-wear. Leave Dora and Diego at home. Character-wear and logos may be precious in person but will leave you clueless in twenty years when you look back on your photos and try to figure out who that is on your child’s shoes. Keep it timeless and focused on your faces, not your clothes.

Add LAYERS and TEXTURE. Think scarves (light weight or winter weight), hats, jackets, blazers, ties, denim, knits and corduroy. Long sleeves under short sleeves, leggings under skirts/dresses. Fun shoes like tall boots or sassy heels. A variety of textures will give your photos some extra punch to go with your great smile.

Pick clothing that fits nicely. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. The clothes should hang on the bodies well, without folding or creasing. And always dress for full-length shots, which means socks and shoes that also match and are in good shape. A lot of times barefoot is best, weather permitting.

Try to dress for the location your shoot will take place. Pastel prints work well for a garden photo-shoots, but not so much for an urban shoot. A leather jacket would work for urban, but not the beach.
Of special note:
Kids: Also think personality. Cheerful, fun prints, polka dots; whatever showcases who they really are. Add some layers and texture (maybe even a tutu, pettiskirt or tie) and voila! Instant photographic art. Most kids aren’t comfortable in formal dress and occasionally it can show in their pictures. So, if you have your heart set on your little angel in a suit and tie or an elaborate party dress, make sure to bring a second outfit that is more casual and comfortable.

Families & Couples: Coordinating but not matching. Don’t over-match! The whole group does not have to wear khakis & white t’s. Why not shake it up a bit and show some of who each person is as an individual within the whole? Mom should be the belle of the ball in a dress/skirt or fashionable jeans and ideally, heels! Make sure everyone dresses at the same level of formality; either all dressy or all casual, in similar or complimentary color tones. Examples could be earth tones, jewel tones, sky blue and chocolate brown, etc.

Maternity & Newborn: Be who you are. For maternity, we suggest some simple basics: jeans with a real waist, tight tops that hug the belly, a beautiful dress or flowing skirt and a flattering, comfortable, yet attractive, bra/cropped top/sweater, possibly with a beautiful print. After all, most of this session will be all about the belly. For your precious newborn, au naturale, or just a diaper, is best. We want to capture those beautiful bellies, tiny toes and tooshies. If you have a special outfit be sure to have that ready to go as well. Props work well with newborns too; hats, baskets, bowls, etc.
Now that you have the info, where do I shop? Or even to just look for inspiration? Following is a list of our favorite retailers who always have something to offer:

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